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Our Practice

Since 2002, our practice has specialized in helping higher net worth families manage their financial affairs. Our typical client is one who does not have the time, interest, and/or inclination to build, implement, and monitor an effective financial plan. Rather, the client is looking for a trusted advisor who offers them a comprehensive and integrated approach toward meeting their financial needs.

Our Approach

We follow a consultative process with our clients. This process begins with obtaining a global view of our clients’ affairs and a detailed understanding of their goals. With that foundation, we are able to offer choices and strategies designed to fit their circumstances. We offer a range of financial services that include investment management, retirement planning, estate planning strategies, and insurance. In some cases, our clients’ circumstances require that we work together with their other professional advisors.

Our planning approach and process is designed to establish a long term partnership with our clients. We emphasize the core values of simplicity, efficiency, transparency, and accountability in meeting their needs and strive to provide high quality service in every aspect of our practice. We serve a relatively small group of clients, which allows us to spend more time focused on the relationship.

Compensation and Criteria

The initial meeting – for which there is no charge – provides an opportunity for both sides to gather information and to determine a course of action. Clients can choose to pay for services rendered through either: an asset management fee, an hourly consulting fee, or a commission.  Usually, our clients have assets to invest of $1.0 million or more.